Smart Loft on the ground floor, Poble Nou, Barcelona

Smart loft, Poble Nou, Barcelona

The fully equipped 60 m2 loft, ceiling height of 3 meters, fully renewed it has a bathroom, a kitchen and a private space, and a convenient exit to the smoking area.
With mountains orientation the wall-large window gives a lot of light, has a view of the yard.
High quality mechanical curtains, custom made wardrobes, smart furniture and concierge with a mobile app (allows the control of the light and curtains with the Internet connection). You can move the furniture as you wish (including drywalls removal, changes of the entire bathroom and kitchen).
The loft is equipped with electrical installations with HDMI, Ethernet, USB and audio outputs (all built into the ceiling), LED light on the walls, ceiling and furniture, private system of video surveillance and alarm with a smoke detector.

Progress of the construction

Final result